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I was born on 16th May 1970 in a small town close to Copenhagen where I grew up and attended high school. I soon discovered that I had a natural talent for learning new languages so after graduating, I decided to spend some time in Rome working and studying Italian. After one year, I was admitted to Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori, where I had the privilege to attend the lessons of renowned professional translators and interpreters from Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, the US, England and Scotland. After obtaining my bachelor's degree, I had no doubt that translating was a profession that perfectly suited my skills and personal qualities.  I began working as a freelancer right away, and ever since I've been translating thousands of pages, thus getting insight into a lot of difference subject matters, sectors and industries. 

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 Italian is like a second mother tongue to me as I've been living in Rome since 1988.

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